About me

Hi there! I’m a Photographer and Video Producer for Wedding, Quinceñera or any Special Event.  I live in Ontario CA.  I running my business in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Bernardino and Riverside.


With a few years of experience I like to  provide quality on your memories that we capture on Photo or Video.

Specials Moments happens once and we capture forever.


Wedding Photography Business Card.jpgWedding Photography Add 02.jpgwedding photography 135.jpgwedding photography 136.jpgwedding photography 139.jpgDigital Album, Quinceanera Photography 110.jpgDigital Album, Quinceanera Photography 109.jpgwedding photography 102.jpgwedding photography 133.jpgwedding photography 104.jpgwedding photography 107.jpgDigital Album, Quinceanera Photography 103.jpgDigital Album, Quinceanera Photography 116.jpgDigital Album, Quinceanera Photography 119.jpgwedding photography 110.jpgwedding photography 111.jpgwedding photography 112.jpgwedding photography 114.jpgDigital Album, Quinceanera Photography 106.jpgwedding photography 116.jpgDigital Album, Quinceanera Photography 105.jpgwedding photography 118.jpgwedding photography 119.jpgwedding photography 120.jpgwedding photography 137.jpgwedding photography 138.jpgwedding photography 121.jpgwedding photography 122.jpgwedding photography 123.jpgwedding photography 124.jpgwedding photography 125.jpgwedding photography 134.jpgwedding photography 132.jpgwedding photography 131.jpgwedding photography 130.jpgquinceanera photography 103.jpgquinceanera photography 104.jpgquinceanera photography 105.jpgquinceanera photography 101.jpgquinceanera photography 109.jpgquinceanera photography 112.jpgquinceanera photography 115.jpgquinceanera photography 114.jpgwedding quinceanera sign in book 102.jpgwedding quinceanera sign in book 104.jpgwedding quinceanera sign in book 105.jpgwedding quinceanera sign in book 101.jpgwedding quinceanera sign in book 107.jpgwedding photography 127.jpgwedding photography 128.jpgwedding photography 126.jpg137.jpg136.jpg138.jpg1000 Pixels.jpg66.jpgc82-Sign in book- Digital Album SAMPLE 02.jpgSign in book- Digital Album SAMPLE 07.jpgSign in book- Digital Album SAMPLE 03.jpgc49-03.jpgc74-13.jpg505.jpgc91-05.jpgc94-04.jpg08.jpg10.jpgquinceanera photography 123.jpgc75-01.jpg63.jpg12.jpg13.jpg15.jpg21.jpg31.jpg35.jpg39.jpg40.jpg49.jpg80.jpg83.jpg84.jpg85.jpg90.jpg